Jul 15

STOP With All The Complaining!



The other day I was coaching a friend and trying to give this person feedback about why I believed they haven’t been having the best of luck. There really wasn’t an easy way to say it so I simply told this person to STOP with all the complaining! Complaining is part of this person’s daily routine and they often complain about the littlest of things. Why constantly complain about something you have to do anyway? That same amount of energy complaining could be used toward sustaining a better attitude and mindset which is way more beneficial!

I used to tell my daughter the same thing when I would give her chores and she would whine about it. I would tell her that the 5 or 10 minutes she spent complaining about what she was going to have to do anyway could have went toward completing the task that much sooner. The same goes for anybody. We all have to do things we might not like. If you can change the situation than change it but if you cannot, at least do your best to have a good attitude about it.

You can’t be grateful and complain at the same time and complaining is such negative energy which in turn of course increases your chances of attracting negative outcomes in your life. Being grateful however – for the good and bad that happens – will improve your chances of being able to change or create something different for yourself. It has taken me a long time and a lot of hard work to become the woman who I AM today.

The reason I post articles and many of the positive things I post on social networks is because I have learned that when you put out powerful, positive vibes, it really will help you to have a better life! I am a testimony to that and I have seen the profound changes within myself. Many of the most valuable lessons I have learned happened in the last 10 years or so. Many lessons came the “hard” way. I am 39 years old now so I always say if I only knew then what I know now!! I bet we all say that at times! 🙂

I consciously and intentionally do as much as I possibly can to enlighten others of how powerful their attitude and energy is on their life. I am very open about sharing the personal knowledge I’ve gained through many of my painful experiences with the intention of helping someone else learn sooner or easier than I did. Helping other people become more positive, confident and find their inner power is my passion!

Apparently the Universe agrees because I have met so many wonderful people from all over the world through social networks or strangers on the street who have come to me for advice or encouragement. I will gladly help anyone even strangers because I believe in divine connections and I am grateful to help uplift someone else at times even when I am feeling down.

I truly believe that by helping others, it helps us to become more powerful in our own lives. There is so much we gain when we serve others. For that I am thankful. I do not take this responsibility lightly. I am constantly learning and bettering myself so I can become my most powerful self in order to help someone else.

Besides the negative energy that complaining can bring into your own life, it is actually very unfair to spread that negativity toward others. Energy is contagious and nobody I repeat NOBODY likes being around someone who is constantly negative and down! So why not be a source of light and love and not dragging everyone else’s spirits down with constant complaining? Of course we all have days where we need to vent and that’s okay. It’s just not okay to constantly complain about the same old situations especially if you have the ability to make profound changes.



So the moral of the story is do less complaining and more sustaining! Be conscious of the energy you bring toward others and by doing so watch your life and circumstances improve. Life in itself is a lesson and unfortunately some lessons can only be learned the “hard” way. Don’t waste anymore energy on the situations you cannot change and use all that powerful energy to change the things you can. Make an effort even just for one day not to complain and I promise if you can keep it up, your life will change!

Choose happiness! 🙂

Have a beautiful day, LOVES!





Love & Blessings,


Dazzling Rita


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