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Time to Step Out of the Shadows and SHINE BRIGHT ~ 3-3-2013

Happy Sunday, LOVES! It’s 3-3-2013 which for some of you is just another day but for me today is a very special day! Today is the day that I step into the unknown, follow my heart, spread my wings and soar like an eagle! It’s time to step out of the shadows and SHINE BRIGHT by being who I AM ~ Dazzling & Divine! Today I officially launch my site WWW.DAZZLINGRITA.COM and in the words of MLK, I’ve decided to take the first “step” even without seeing the whole staircase. I chose this day 3-3 for a few reasons. Three is a powerful number and is significant to me because I have some very special people whose birthdays are 3-3. I have 3 children and there are 3 girls – myself and my 2 sisters in my family. When I was 33 many significant changes began within me which has now led me to follow my divine path.


So here I AM! Ms. Rita aka Dazzling Rita! This is the first step to bigger and better things! I am excited about my upcoming opportunity to be featured as a co-author with world-renowned motivational speaker and author, Mr. Les Brown. The book is tentatively called, “Fight For Your Dreams 2” and is scheduled to be published this year. Since 2009, I have been blogging almost daily to my personal social network. The words of wisdom & thoughts often come to me through my own experiences and situations I have overcome. I also learn so much by helping and listening to the struggles and stories of others. The advice I give to others is often something I generally share because I believe that other people could benefit from it. I also believe many times, it is purely divine wisdom being delivered through my thoughts as I am often working on something else and a random thought or quote will pop into my head and so I share them. I have received confirmation many times from different people that my posts have helped them in some way so now I am ready to put myself out there to a larger audience. 

I am both anxious and excited because my passion has been ignited! I understand that some people will love me and some people won’t but I also understand that I have a purpose GREATER than me and I must do my part to spread some love, power and positivity! The world so desperately needs every ounce of the GOOD in all of us and as the saying goes there is a student for every teacher. There are 7 Billion people in this world! Some people will resonate with me and connect with my vibe while others may not want to see me thrive and that’s alright. Guess what though? No one else can dim my light and I am going to continue to shine so bright! 🙂 I do know that there are people out there who might benefit in hearing what I have to say and if I can make a difference with ONE then I have WON. Never let anyone stop you from fulfilling your divine duty! Stepping out of my comfort zone and putting myself out there to the world is uncomfortable but is also necessary!

I have a lot to learn as far as blogging and social networking on a larger level but one step at a time and I will get there!  Giulia Morelli of  VIBES-GM created this beautiful site, logos and other designs for me. She truly did a phenomenal job and picked up on my vibes and style quickly hence the sparkles, colors and butterflies! I have learned so much in a short time and in just a matter of days, she had my site up and running. Her creativity and her passion for this was very evident and I am extremely happy with the end result! Now the rest is up to me! For the last 2 weeks I have been adding content but I still have A LOT to do! I need a personal assistant! LOL 🙂

This site is not finished yet and I wanted to wait until the perfect time but there will never be a “perfect time” to do “it.” Sometimes you just have to jump in and then it’s sink or swim and the only way I will “sink” is if I quit. That’s not happening! 🙂 I do believe in divine timing and divine connections so 3-3 I’m introducing ME! To inspire and uplift others in any way is truly a gift! So if you like my energy and if the words I share inspire, entertain or uplift you, then please share with your friends as well as like my Dazzling Rita Fan Page at on Facebook. I look forward to all that God and the Universe has in store for me. I’m moving forward in faith and letting go of my fears!

I have a lot practicing to do as far as video blogging but that will soon follow. In addition to the co-authorship with Les Brown I also have some other projects and books of my own that I am writing among other amazing ideas I have. 🙂 This site is a start and will give me a push in the right direction.


Quote of the day ~ “Storms bring out the eagles but the little birds take cover!”

I leave you with a little poem that I wrote which quickly came to mind yesterday:

I’m finally following my heart and my intuition! After many years of God and my angels “whispering” in my ear, the time has come for me to face my fears. The time has come for me to use all that God has given me to live up to my highest possibilities. My intention is to make a positive difference in such a cold, conflicted world by stepping out of my comfort zone so I can do my part to shine so bright and share my light with the world!


66088_4277232007903_1800353285_n 527519_4180369266395_1094886174_n 


“If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, I know I can achieve it.” 

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