Mar 06

Balancing Babies + Billion Dollar Dreams AND Trying to Change the World is Not an Easy Task!

Balancing Babies, trying to execute billion dollar dreams AND trying to change the world is not an easy task! LOL, Some days I feel like I AM carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders! Literally. Life in itself with the many things we all deal with and trying to do everything we need to do plus any “extra” activities we like to do could be too much at times! I AM only one woman but a very resilient one if I might add! None the less I need to catch up on my beauty sleep, get some relaxation in and take care of me or I will not be any good to anyone!

My point, we must always take care of ourselves first so we will be our strongest and best for others. We should never neglect our happiness or well-being by putting everyone else’s needs before us. That doesn’t mean be selfish and just neglect your family and those who need you. It’s about trying to find balance in our lives between work, marriage/relationships, exercise, hobbies, friendships and especially if you add the energy and activities of kids in the mix! It can definitely be challenging and at times overwhelming! Lord, help me! However, I am so grateful for the strength and it is because of my divine power that I have the energy to not give up. Although some days I joke about running off to an island with my family to live a simple life climbing coconut trees, fishing and selling handmade jewelry on the beach somewhere! 🙂 That’s not an option for me. I was not created to live a mediocre life, sitting in the shadows and using only half of my power and potential!

So that is the reason I am stepping out into the world and putting myself out there like this. It is both exhilarating and nauseating LOL. On one hand it excites me to follow my heart, intuition, purpose and passion. On the other hand, it is at times overwhelming. One day at a time, I know things will fall into place. I just have to continue to persevere, have faith and keep a positive outlook to be able to help others along the way!

I would like to extend an invitation. If you have an encouraging story, poem, photo or anything positive & uplifting that you would like to share or any suggestions for me, please inbox me and I will be selecting a few to feature on my site. I’m just doing my part to shed some “light” in the world. We can all use a little love & positivity and success stories to keep us encouraged! This is only the beginning of even brighter days!

I've been standing out and shining bright since I was a little tyke! LOL

I’ve stood out and been shining bright ever since I was a little tyke! LOL


I will leave you with a quote I came up with and posted in an earlier article so I can make it an official Dazzling Rita quote! 🙂



P.S. There are 7 billion people in this world and I AM one that is doing my part to make a positive difference! My site translates to many other languages so please feel free to share with anyone that might benefit from my spunk! 🙂

Love, light & Blessings to all. ~Dazzling Rita

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