Apr 25

The Blind Leading the Blind! Learn to Listen to Your Own Intuition and Use Your Own Mind!

In today’s world or what many seem to think is the “lost generation” especially among the youth, it seems like more and more people are following what they hear, see, say, or what others do. From the media, materialism, drugs, sex, music, fashion, violence/crime and everything in between, it seems that so much of what is mainstream or glorified in the media is what becomes popular and what many tend to follow. It’s as if so many of these young people today do not have the strength to find their own way and NOT be influenced by the thoughts, opinions, and actions of others. It seems that there are more and more “followers” running after the “blind.”  So then we end up with the blind leading the blind instead of people learning to use their own mind! It’s hard to find YOUR own truth when you are too busy watching someone else’s moves or being influenced by the beliefs of others.

So many of this lost generation seem to lack the wisdom to think on their own, or they simply do not believe or have confidence to know that it is possible to thrive and be happy by standing alone and without following “the crowd.”  So many young people (and sometimes not so young) spend too much time wanting validation, worrying about “fitting in” or trying to imitate others and not seek their own divine truth or embrace their own uniqueness. They look up to celebrities, music artists, athletes, or “Hollywood,” etc. many whose lives are unrealistic, pretentious or just down right risky or dangerous. Some even look up to random people who become overnight celebrities whose lives got over-glorified for no significant reason or for the wrong reasons. They fall even deeper into the hole searching for “something” which often lead to the wrong things.

I have a 19-year-old daughter who is a freshman in college and we have had our fair share of “bumps” in the road especially during her high school years. As a parent we want what WE think is best for our children, however it might now always come across that way to them which can then cause friction. Or perhaps our different personalities and communication styles clash or make it difficult to see things eye to eye. She had some very serious health issues she had to work through and still has to deal with for the rest of her life.  Overall, she has calmed down for the most part and is focusing on school full-time, working, and is a great help with her 2 younger siblings so for that I am so thankful and beyond blessed!

We often have conversations often about this “lost generation” of youth willing to try just about anything to get high, to fit in, or do something drastic (and not always in a good way) to really stand out. Or some just do risky or stupid things out of sheer boredom perhaps for attention because they feel invisible, need attention, or they may not realize their own vulnerability or mortality. I am no means even close to being a perfect person or parent (do they exist? lol). In fact I often say if my dysfunction can help someone else to better function then I am okay with sharing my stories to help spare others some pain and find their “glory.” I had to learn so many things the “hard” and very painful way yet I can also say I have gained so much strength & wisdom because of it. I used to think I wasted so many years angry with a negative outlook but the reality is, that it was all necessary and part of the process in becoming who I AM today. However, I do wish I would have listened to the advice many offered along the way! I guess we cannot “learn” until we are ready to learn and some lessons can only be learned in the most difficult and painful ways.

Although I think I have always been strong-willed and independent, I can’t say that I have never been influenced by others. That could be one of the reasons I became a young mother at the age of 19. At that time I had amazing opportunities and the “world” ahead of me but I also had many friends and peers who were becoming teen mothers. One thing I can and will say is that as a girl, for the most part and even to this day as a grown woman, when I believe strongly in “something”, then I am willing to stand on my own and stand alone if necessary. I AM one of those people who can fit in with just about any diverse group of people or be alone. I have always been feisty, flamboyant and just “different.” I think I was okay with that and although it wasn’t always easy (I had many conflicts and fights along the way!), I learned that I didn’t have to “fit in” anywhere and learned to accept and be happy with just being ME! I am so grateful that I have learned the power of “energy” and now know the value of using my energy wisely and positively for the right reasons. Once you are at peace with your true self and have self-love & self-confidence, it becomes more difficult for the world to “break” you. The “R” in Rita stands for RESILIENT!

Our surroundings, beliefs, and upbringing play a major role in how we react and respond to situations in life. In some cases, parents play a role in why their child went wayward but you can also be an amazing parent and your child can still go “astray.” If people who lack strong minds or have poor judgment hang with certain people or are put in certain situations and if they are vulnerable, some will do all that they can for acceptance. No matter what we teach our children, they ultimately have the free will to make their choices and sadly they sometimes have to learn some lessons on their own and in the most difficult ways.

I am very grateful to have a “voice” plus the courage needed to use it and I take my responsibility seriously. I humbly appreciate the divine connections and people from all walks of life and age groups who come to me for advice or say they admire me for my strength, perseverance, or for whatever reason. I definitely don’t have all the answers but whatever experiences, knowledge, or advice I can share, I am more than happy to do so.

It’s disappointing to see some of the “role” models of today who abuse their power or spread hate, superficiality  or blatant ignorance perhaps not realizing the profound effect they are having on those that look up to them and follow their lead.  I have a few people I admire BUT more importantly I am MY role model and strive to always be a better ME! God placed me here for a purpose and no other person walking this earth can or will ever be like me! We are all individually blessed with our own creativity, incomparable style, spirit, and energy for a reason.


My message to the “lost” or “blind” looking for their own way and truth is simply this, everything that you see others doing isn’t always cool and following them when you don’t really want to might end up making you look and feel like a fool! It’s okay to do your own thing, use your own mind and do what’s best for you even if you have to do it alone. It’s often in those moments when we are alone that we are able to get access to that divine guidance/wisdom within. I always say that everything we will ever need to “WIN” can be found within! 😉


I think maturity level and life experiences play a large part in our spiritual evolution. I just want to urge the young people today to take the time to really listen to the advice those before them have to offer. Even if they do not necessarily agree and as I stated earlier, some lessons can only be learned in the most difficult ways in our own time and when we are ready. Just don’t close your mind to wisdom being shared by others or the divine wisdom we ALL have within. Listen, learn, feel it and then find your own truth BUT whatever you do, understand that it’s perfectly fine if you are “different” and the easiest way to find true happiness is by accepting and being YOU without needing anyone else’s approval! There is no other person on this earth like YOU and that is because we were each created as a one of kind masterpiece! I KNOW I AM! God definitely put a little something “special” in me! LOL 😉 <3


P.S. I really need to get on it and start recording my video blogs, or voice messages because writing is a lot of work! However, talking for me is a breeze! I can definitely e a chatter box! LOL :). Soon my LOVES, soon! I have a very busy month ahead but hopefully by June things will simmer  down and I will have a little extra time to put toward fulfilling my “divine duty!”


On a side note, before I posted this article today, I made a phone call to a friend to check on her and once again our Divine Creator gave me a CLEAR sign that I am going and flowing in the right direction! There are no coincidences and everything happens in divine timing and divine order. Without even discussing this article I had written, somehow we got on the topic of recent events and so many people today lost and looking for “role” models (and love) in the wrong places, and her very words to me were, “BE Your OWN HERO!” ~ GIULIA MORELLI ~ and this all happened after I had already written this article. WOW! I truly believe we all have spiritual gifts, immense power, and something so very special within us that we are supposed to and should share with others! If you do NOT believe in yourself, chances are neither will anyone else so just remember everything begins within! Enjoy your afternoon and have a fabulous weekend!


Although life isn’t always easy, try your best to make an effort to spread a little sunSHINE and wisdom along the way! 😉 <3

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 “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” 

― Nelson Mandela

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