May 03

You Don’t Have to “Step” On Anyone Else to Reach Your “Peak!”

I’m sure we have all dealt with someone at some point in our personal or professional lives who is very negative or perhaps made us feel that they did not want to see us happy or succeed. What’s even sadder is that sometimes it could be your own family, friends, co-workers or those you love and trust among those very people who may not want to see you progress in life. I truly believe that you do not have to “step” on anyone else to get to your “peak!” Honestly, I believe there is room at the “top” for us to all succeed in our own different ways. BUT there are people out there who might not know any better or simply do not care and will do anything they can to get ahead! Just imagine how much happier the world would be if people spent more energy cooperating with each other instead of competing with one another! I say cooperating is elevating while competing is defeating!


It’s sad to say that when you strive for greater things in life or you’re happy, at peace, successful, or doing “something” there will be those people who believe that they do not have great things in their own lives. This can cause some people to secretly or openly want to see you fail simply because they cannot see themselves excel! A quote I read not too long ago was, “When you go in search of honey you must expect to be stung by bees.” It’s too bad it’s that way sometimes but it is what it is. We cannot control the actions of others BUT we can control the things we do and how we choose to react to those situations. We shouldn’t waste any energy entertaining this type of behavior from anyone. It just brings us down to their level. Just understand that their own insecurities are causing them to be this way. You must continue to shine without letting anyone or anything dim your light! I AM wise enough to know that anyone else’s “shine” has no effect on mine! 😉


In talking with others or giving advice, I have discovered that some people inherently focus more on people who do not like them or the people who speak negatively about them and not use their energy to love the people who love them and creating positive things in their own life. I always say when you have the right people in your life that truly love you for YOU then those who do not like you become irrelevant. Understand that we are not going to “click” with everyone we come into contact with. Some people will immediately dislike you and sometimes for no clear reason while you might meet someone who instantly connects with you because of your vibe or energy. I believe in Divine connections and Divine timing so God puts the right or sometimes even the wrong people in our lives in order for us to grow and learn from them.

Sometimes with spiritual growth we can also outgrow friendships, relationships, jobs, or any given situation. It doesn’t necessarily mean you do not like or love the person. It might just mean that your energies no longer connect and you no longer are on the “same” page. Just as quickly as some people walk into our lives, they can just as quickly walk out. We have to learn not to take things too personal and be able to find the lessons and growth from any given experience. From there we then move on with the wisdom and strength gained from it. Sometimes “change” is good or even great!


Moral of the story, don’t let anyone hold you down from achieving all that you wish and aspire to do! At the same time don’t let the pursuit of success cause you to become even “less.” Or better said in the words of Bob Marley, “Don’t gain the world and lose your soul.” There are many ways to succeed without doing it out of greed, for the wrong reasons, or by bringing someone else down to build yourself up!


Worry not so much of the opinions of others as long as YOU are happy and not hurting anyone! Remember, you can hold your head high without looking down on anyone! Confidence is the key that opens many doors!


Peace, LOVE & Blessings to all <3 ~ Dazzling Rita


Some think they are and some know they are. Those who KNOW who they are tend to go very far! ;) <3

Some think they are and some know they are. Those who KNOW who they are tend to go very far! 😉 <3



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