Aug 28

Are You Just Going To Give Up or Are You Going To Stand Up And Step It Up?

Even when it's not easy, try to be the little yellow happy face! LOL :)

Even when it’s not easy, try being the little yellow happy face! LOL 🙂



Nobody likes to hear bad news BUT sometimes it takes receiving “bad news” in order for us to step out of our comfort zone to change and create tremendous breakthroughs! So ask yourself, when times get tough are you just going to give up or are you going to stand up and step it up? You better stand up, keep your head up and keep pushing forward! To give up is the easy route because that is exactly what the devil and dark forces want ~ to dim your light so you don’t put up a “fight.” To fall into darkness, be hopeless, and powerless is to deny the divine power you are blessed with.

Do you really think our creator put us here to be weak and fearful? Absolutely not! It is our Divine Right to live a life of abundance, peace, power, and happiness. Not to say that there will not be peaks AND valleys or times of difficulty. However, we must always be reminded of who we are and the power we have within. I always say that EVERYTHING begins within! Once you discover that, you are bound to “win!” We must always be mindful that in the midst of our trials and during those difficult times, we are not powerless and we should do all that we can to tap into that inner power to sustain us through those trying times.

Keeping ourselves positive and uplifted is not an easy thing to do especially during those tough times in our lives. So many people today are facing economical, emotional, physical/health and spiritual challenges just to name a few. The reality is that we all have our own personal battles we must face and strive to overcome.

One thing I have learned through my own personal experiences is that it doesn’t help when others pity you or even worse when you pity yourself. When someone is facing a difficult situation, if you approach them with an attitude of “You poor thing” that just seems to magnify feelings of powerlessness. Sure being empathetic and compassionate is great however, try not making the person feel bad about whatever situation they may already be dealing with. Instead try encouraging them and offering them positive reinforcement that things will be just fine. That will hopefully offer them hope and light that things will be alright.

About 2 weeks ago, many others and myself received some disturbing news. Unfortunately due to limitations placed on me I am unable to discuss the matter in detail at this time. Anyway, we were all feeling pretty down about the situation but kept our spirits up by cracking jokes, laughing, and trying to keep our moods lively. The following weekend, I spoke with a few people who had heard the news and some of their reactions literally made me feel worse. I am not one to attend nor throw “pity parties” for myself or anyone else and immediately felt the drain from their energy which sucked the “life” out of me.

I also spoke with a few people who were very positive and encouraging which is the attitude I had tried very hard to keep up. Their energy was just as contagious and immediately I once again felt energized, hopeful, and excited. So the moral of the story is energy – good or bad – is extremely contagious so the best thing you can do is be a ray of light during someone’s “darkest night.” Be strong yet sympathetic but not pitiful and pathetic! We must all work hard to keep each other uplifted during difficult times. Be the crutch that helps lift someone up and not the weight that brings them down!

As for me personally, being “upbeat” is what helps me to stay on my feet! 😉


~Love & Blessings


Dazzling Rita




Bright Colors make me happy and give me energy! The Queen Loves Green! ;)

Bright Colors make me happy and give me energy! The Queen Loves Green! 😉


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  1. never gonna give you up

    never gonna give you up

    Really! Are You Just Going To Give Up or Are You Going To Stand Up And …! Very well!

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