Nov 21

The Biggest “Mess” is Often Part Of The Biggest Test!



Sometimes in life something or a series of things that are painful or difficult may happen to us causing chaos and confusion. We may not understand “why” during those dark moments because it is often after we go through what we perceive as the biggest “mess” that we eventually discover it was part of the biggest test. In those moments it is a test of our faith, a test of our strength, and a test of our character. During arduous times it might be impossible for us to think straight or comprehend what or why whatever is happening to us is happening.

It has been some time since I have last posted an article. I have gone through many changes and challenges in the last few months. I have had both some amazing peaks and some dark valleys. It seems as though many people are going through different challenges at this time. I have started a few articles but just haven’t had the time, energy, and quite frankly the desire to complete them. I am one of those people who do best when writing or speaking from the heart. I pride myself on being genuine and sincere. For the most part, I believe in meaning what you say and saying what you mean….

Unless that is if you are upset or angry. Ideally it would be nice that even when a person is distressed that they can still carefully choose their words. However, that isn’t always the case because in the heat of emotions very often people react first without thinking of the repercussions or the aftermath. We’ve all said things that we didn’t mean because of being hurt or angry. I once was notorious for that. It’s definitely one of my weaknesses when I get pushed to that point. The words we say can become some of our greatest gifts or our most destructive weapon for there is life, death AND so much power in the tongue.

Most of the time I am usually very careful with the words I use however, recently I was “tested” and the dark side within me surfaced. Now remember that within each and EVERY one of us is both dark AND light. It’s all in how conscious and disciplined we are at keeping our “light” shining so that the darkness stays contained. In this case, all my light went dim because I was devastated by the incident. I said anything hurtful that came to mind in that very moment trying to damage this other person who had done something terrible to me.

It took a few days for me to calm down and really reflect on the entire situation. As I sat back and thought of all the things I said out of anger most of which I did not mean yet some of which I did. In either case, the damage was already done and there was nothing I could do to take the words back. The situation was pretty intense and at that moment I felt like the person deserved to get their feelings hurt. Yet my higher, divine self knows better and fighting fire with fire is exactly how the devil wants us to respond. Somehow the dark side of our emotions can take over in those types of situations but eventually the “light” will overpower the darkness if you are conscious of the energy and are able to turn the situation around which I was able to do after a few days of doing some deep thinking.

Over the years, I have worked VERY hard at transforming negative energy into positive energy. So many people today walk around and are “damaged” by their past because of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. As a result, the abuse from the past manifests in different and sometimes destructive ways in the present. If you happen to be one of those people who are affected by things that have happened to you in the past than it is crucial that you are aware of the things that can trigger negative emotions then do your best to avoid or at least stay in control when tested…as difficult as that might be. Just try to remember this: “He who angers you controls you.” Therefore, we should do our best not to put that power in someone else’s hands.

At the time this situation occurred, I was also going through many other “challenges” simultaneously. I believe this particular event just pushed me to my limit which is why my reaction was so severe. At a later date, perhaps in a book I will go into more details but at this time let’s just say that I know I am being tested and prepared for a reason. The many trials I am going through and that we all go through or have already overcome serve to strengthen our faith. There are so many people being tested at this time in our world. There is chaos and confusion going on everywhere. Some will make it and sadly some will break from the pressure. It’s all in our perspective and how we choose to deal with our downfalls. Now that some time has passed I have realized that what felt like the biggest “mess” was all a part of the biggest test! I am happy to say that instead of being “broken” by these incidents, I AM stronger, wiser and even more vibrant than ever! 😉


Love & Blessings ~ Dazzling Rita



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