Quotes by “Dazzling Rita”

I AM a lover of quotes and positive, inspirational messages! I often come up with many of my own which I have posted for you below. 



No matter what you do, others will judge you. So you might as well stand up, show out and give them something amazing to talk about by shining so bright that no one else can dim your light!

You cannot worry too much about what others think or before you ever “set sail” your ship will sink!

 If there is something that you really want to do, or a dream you want to pursue then go for it! Plan and prepare for it of course but just never let people who aren’t bold enough to go after what they want to discourage YOU from going after YOURS! 

 Everything begins within once you figure that out then you’re bound to WIN!

Consistence + Persistence + Resilience (CPR) = Brilliance 😉

You can stand tall or stay small but whatever you do,  just don’t give up when your back is against the wall!

 A bad attitude and negativity is just as contagious as the flu! If you go around spreading bad vibes then chances are not only you will have a bad day but others in contact with you will too!


Striving to be all that you can be is not always going to be easy! Don’t let anyone discourage you from living your dreams! Keep on going and don’t stop! Define your destiny by making all of your dreams become reality! 😉 ♥


People are going to have opinions about you no matter what you do so as long as you aren’t hurting anyone, pursuit the things that make you happy and do what’s best for you! 😉 ♥


Determination will always trump defeat! Especially for those resilient enough to get back up IF they “fall” and rise to their feet! 😉 ♥


You either think you are or you KNOW you are and those that know they are tend to go really far!  😉 ♥


Don’t expect to receive what you’re not willing to give and if you spend too much time worrying about what everyone else thinks then you’ll never really live! 😉 ♥


Sometimes it takes for others to NOT believe in YOU, in order for YOU to believe in yourself and believing in yourself is more valuable than wealth! 😉 ♥♡♥


You will never know just how far you can go if you won’t even step outside your little circle! Don’t limit yourself with just the surroundings you are comfortable with or you might miss out on a world of endless opportunities and amazing experiences! 😉 ♥


If you are having a long, tough day I believe that laughter makes the day go by faster! 😉


You just never know where “tomorrow” might take you. You must be strong enough not to let the troubles of today break you! ♥


Sometimes it takes the pain from a broken heart to give you the strength and a new outlook for a fresh start. ♥


I have found that most people who don’t have someone or something to fall back on, tend not to fall. That’s because they know failure is not an option and so they do everything possible to stay standing tall! 😉 ♥ ~ Dazzling Rita


Confidence and Courage are the “keys” that can open many doors! Usually when one door opens so do many more! ~ Dazzling Rita


It’s often through unhappy eyes that people often criticize. The more you LOVE, the less you judge! ♥  ~ Dazzling Rita


The higher the horse, the harder the fall so the best thing to do is to not climb up there at all! ~ Dazzling Rita


It’s better to be “something else” than to be like everyone else! ~ Dazzling Rita ♥


Be careful of the company you keep because they can either help bring out your best so you can rise above or they can drag you down low and deep!


If it weren’t for the “darkness,” perhaps many would not seek, understand, or appreciate the light. Sometimes we go through “wrong” to get right. ~ Dazzling Rita


We often cannot control who or what touches our soul.  Some things are divinely meant to be and some things we choose as part of our destiny.




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