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Homeless BUT NOT HOPEless

Hello everyone! I have been M.I.A. for a while due to moving. The move is complete but now the unpacking, organizing and decorating begins! Can you  say stressed.com? LOL but not really laughing out loud! 🙂 They say moving is among the top 10 most stressful events we experience in life especially when you have a ton of stuff like me! The last few weeks has overwhelmed me.  Just the process of searching for a new home in itself is time-consuming and stressful let alone the real move and unpacking BUT I do have an inspiring story to share about a really nice man I met who is homeless BUT NOT HOPE-less.


So on the day of the move, we had a few guys to help and really didn’t need anyone else. We went to pick up the moving truck and passed a man standing alone on the side of the road. We made eye contact and I could see some desperation in his eyes as well as his enthusiasm to do some work so I asked my boyfriend to please stop and pick this man up. It was as if my Spirit was guiding me to stop and help this man even though we already had a few strong men to help. My spirit nudged me in a way that pushed me to stop and help.


My boyfriend who was driving the moving truck behind me stopped and picked this man up. His name is Antonio. He instantly liked Antonio’s vibe and felt as I did that he was genuinely a good man and hard worker. He shared with us that he had been homeless for the last 3 months after losing his job and had slept in the community park or behind a church. He had worked various odd jobs when he was able to find work to eat and survive.

Antonio is originally from Mexico City and has lived in the U.S. for some time now. He shared his story with us that he had been through a divorce , lost a job and just dealing with tough times. Antonio hoped to save some money to buy a small car and find stable employment. He worked so hard helping us to move the entire day that I did something I never thought I would do which is allow a total stranger to sleep in my home. Something about Antonio made me feel at ease and I honestly did not feel worried in the least. He was so helpful and I felt compelled to give him a helping hand so I allowed him to stay with us for a few days so he could earn some extra money, get some rest, shower, and eat some decent meals.

The purpose of me sharing this story is for one perhaps someone out there will be able to help him find a job. I have inquired with a few people and still waiting to see if someone has work for him. For two, I am sharing this story because for someone like myself I never imagined I could or would open my home to a stranger and sad to say – a homeless man. The reality is that hard times and hitting rock bottom could happen to anyone of us at any time. I know it is difficult to open up to strangers but the thought often in the back of my mind is what if that were me or someone I love in that situation? How would I want to be treated? I can tell you that not looking at Antonio as some random homeless man but instead helping out another human being who needed a little kindness was a great feeling as well as a reminder that the “issues” I stress about are not so bad after all. It is far worse for many.

What is also very important to remember is that even when you are “down” on your luck or having difficult times, you have to fight to keep your spirits uplifted to keep from falling into a deeper hole. Although Antonio is homeless, he is NOT HOPE-less. His spirits were good and he seemed to have a positive outlook despite of his current situation. He takes life day by day and he told me even on days where he has no money in his pocket, he still manages to eat and to him that was enough to stay grateful and hopeful because of the grace of God.

At times I am still amazed to see myself  and the woman I am today versus the angry girl I once was. The transformation is unbelievable. Not to say that I am a saint….far from that LOL but I am so aware of who I am and why I am the way that I am. Being aware and awake is both powerful and peaceful at the same time! The process of opening my heart, mind and soul has been a life-changing process over these past few years. All I can say is that I am so thankful for the wisdom I gained from sadness and pain and the LOVE I have discovered deep within and from up above! I am on a “higher” level in so many ways and my life although not always easy, it still overflows with many blessings. The moral of the story is that even if you can’t “save the world” or save everyone, you can make a difference by doing something good in the world and by helping someone. Every effort counts and no act of kindness is too small.


Love & Blessings,


~Dazzling Rita

Antonio and I after hours and hours of moving!

Antonio and I after 2 days of moving! What a great guy with a great attitude! He was such a tremendous help. May he be blessed with good health, good fortune, and happiness!

A few days after he stayed with us, we went looking for Antonio on a few occasions and were unable to find him. I pray that his luck has turned around and I hope to hear from him about how he is doing soon. He is definitely a hard-working man so I have faith that it will turn out for the best for him. 🙂

Never, ever

Never, ever



**Home Sweet Home**

**Home Sweet Home**


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