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Who Do YOU Want To Be? I Just Want To Be Happy and Free to be ME!

808 Let me ask you a question. Who do you want to be? As for me, I just want to be happy and free to be ME! I want to live up to my highest potential and fulfill my divine purpose as peacefully as possible. When I think of this question that answer is MY truth. I don’t wish to be like anyone else but I do strive daily to become a better version of myself. Some days are more difficult and there are times I feel like I have gone backwards when I get upset and say something I don’t mean or react in a way that is not aligned with the person I am striving to become. I accept my weaknesses and work hard to become a stronger, better version of me every day!

The question is….Is a peaceful life my current reality? Not quite but I am working toward it. For me, I feel that to really be peaceful, I have to really live my life in a way that is meaningful and purposeful. If I were the type of person that was really affected by what other people think, then this site would not be here. The steps to get to where I need to go can seem rather difficult at times but I am one determined, dazzling and divine woman who is relentless so I will get there! 🙂 It takes a lot of soul-searching and digging deep within to find  and create what I am seeking.

So many people today get lost from finding their own truth because they are too caught up watching or following what others do or trying to impress the very people they dislike the most. When you start comparing and competing and trying to out-do others, it’s a battle you can never win because someone will always be “better.” However, when you set your goal to just be true to the person you that are created to be and live your life in a way that makes you happy, it is so refreshing and the feeling of being FREE is amazing! When you don’t have to try to fit in, be accepted, approved by or be like anyone else, you are then free to truly be your true self! When you are not paralyzed by the opinions or thoughts of others, then you are more likely to be the authentic, divine being you were created to be. Being true to your own self, will probably make it easier to pursue what truly makes you happy.

Now I wish I could say that I absolutely do not care what other people think but I am human and there are times when I might let the ways of this world affect me. The key is being confident and secure enough to really get to know YOUR own truth and find that inner strength so that you are not easily affected by the criticism or judgments of others. You don’t have to follow the rest of the world or be something that you are not and if you feel the need to do so then perhaps you should do some serious introspection to find what the underlying issue might be. Do you have low self-esteem? Do you lack of confidence or maybe it’s even something stemming from your childhood that has you second guessing yourself.

You have to learn to trust your instincts and you also have to learn to have “thick” skin so that the critics out there whose purpose and intention is to have you doubting yourself, cannot bring you down. Sadly, some of the biggest critics are those closest to us such as family, friends, significant others etc. Constructive criticism is one thing. Part of being mature is being able to accept feedback but dealing with just plain old negative hate can wear you down….IF you let it!

Another thing that has helped me is just being open about my flaws, fears, life experiences good and bad. Now I know that not everyone is open to being open LOL but being ashamed or having to hide things is too much work and such a heavy burden to bear. I understand some people are just private and that’s great but personally for me sharing my struggles has given me strength as well as the ability to help others who might be dealing with things that I have already been through or overcome. I do believe God put some people here who are blessed with the strength and courage to step up and speak up. I admire those people who can put aside the risk of being judged, mocked, or criticized to share their story and be able to help others who so desperately need it.

I believe age, maturity and wisdom also play a major role. I can tell you this for sure from experience and that is that the older you get, the less you are bothered about other people’s judgements. The very things that many youth obsess about, one day become less important or even become irrelevant. I think with time and just growing personally, it does get easier to get comfortable in your own skin.

I was speaking with someone today and that person was talking about clothes and wearing the same outfit again after already being seen in it and what people think etc. Now of course, most people do want to look good BUT what is the point of looking good if you don’t feel good? And should you really depend on clothes or material possessions to make you look and feel good?

Now don’t get me wrong, I love sparkles, shine, and beautiful things BUT Clothes and material possessions should only enhance what really matters that lies within underneath your skin. I can put on a dress I bought for $7 and still feel like a million bucks! Or I can wear an outfit out more than once and probably look better in it the next time around! 😉 That’s another article in itself and trust that I will be writing one soon about “designer brands” and  material things and people who hide behind those things to make them feel more valuable or powerful.

Let me stick to my topic. I do tend to get off track! 🙂 So once again it is vital to one’s true happiness to not be so obsessed with what other people say or think about you. Sometimes I just want to say, WHO CARES what people think??!! (probably not in those words :)) Yet, I know at times people cannot help but be affected by what others’ think. To be criticized or judged is not an easy thing to deal with. However, to live your life by your own terms and not be defined my what goes on in other people’s minds though is POWERFUL!

I get teased all the time for taking too many pictures, for posting my thoughts on social networks or being too loud, walking or talking too fast, being bossy, aggressive, flamboyant, or even accused of being the center of attention or too into myself. I mean the list goes on and on LOL. Guess what though, I AM free and this is ME. This is who I AM so you either love me or hate me and I refuse to let anyone else’s opinion break me especially since they did not make me! I know who I AM and that type of chatter doesn’t really affect me.

I don’t live for anyone else and their approval is NOT, I repeat is NOT needed! I already know I am different and “special” in every sense of the word. 🙂 I stay true to me and for the most part I live happily and freely. I do my best to go with the flow and wherever God and the Universe takes me is where I will go! The reality is I do LOVE ME and if I didn’t love myself, I wouldn’t be able to really help anyone else. Remember, EVERYTHING begins within! Self-love and self-confidence is crucial to your well-being. Rather than seek acceptance or approval from others, seek strength in your spirituality and individualism.

I will close by saying this, if you are constantly giving thought to what will “they” think or say then you are crippling your spirit from being all that you were meant to be. Just try for a day being the authentic you without concern about what people with think and I promise you will feel amazing and liberated! Now that doesn’t mean go do some crazy Sh!* LOL, it just means be still and listen to your spirit and then just be…Happy & Free! 😉

Good night, LOVES!! Please feel free to leave a comment or if you like my message please SHARE. I have divine work to do so it is necessary for me to put myself “out there” in the world and your support is greatly appreciated.

XOXO ~ Your friend, the FREE spirit….Dazzling Rita



I LOVE Being ME, Happy & Free! ~ Dazzling & Divine QUEEN in Green! ;)

I LOVE Being ME, Happy & Free! ~ The Dazzling & Divine QUEEN in Green! That’s ME! 😉

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